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2017-01-09: This site is unlikely to receive further updates. Feel free to look around at the old content but, for newer stuff, please see the new site: Featured Futures.

Welcome to my site. If you'd like to dive in, try any of the links in the list above or try the newest items, which are an update of The Year's Best SF Anthology Series: A Potted History, two additional Analog reviews (old issues, but newly read and reviewed), and an offsite review of the December 2016 Asimov's. Otherwise, read on.


I'm J-Sun at various SFF posting boards and Jason McGregor at Tangent Online. I'm just a long-time reader and science fiction fan who uses this site mostly to talk about some of the things I've read. I've had this web space since around August 2007 but, after briefly being a sketch at a pile of web pages, and at least twice trying to be a blog, it again became a pile of web pages in May 2010. While retaining that form ever since, it was chiefly devoted to computers until taking its present focus on media (chiefly books, chiefly SF) beginning in January 2012.

It was originally written in intentionally minimal HTML and CSS until I decided to bow to a little more style to provide better navigation. But there is still no javascript, flash, ads, cookies or anything of the sort on this site.


If you would like to contact for me any reason, such as to have me review something, you can email me at jsun_freeshell_org (replace the underscores with the usual suspects).

If you want to find me in real time on the web, I regularly check in at SFF Chronicles and less regularly at F&SF Forum.