Another Unified List of the Best 100 Novels

Awhile back, I went looking for lists of "the hundred best novels" and came across a list of such lists. There's nothing wrong with the list but it seemed to have an overly complicated methodology and I wanted to use a slightly different set of source lists and, most importantly, I wanted easily viewed and manipulated and more complete information. So here's my list of lists which simply tabulates appearances on lists as a simple vote and which uses 12 lists (so far) instead of 10. It also just alphabetizes them because I think picking the "best" novels is nearly impossible and ordering them is certainly so (though the spreadsheet (see below) can be ordered by votes).

Note that these are not my top 100 books and I know some items have been unconscionably left off and some garbage has been put on and it isn't demographically correct and on and on. It's just a list spewed out from combining a dozen other lists that try to capture some of the best mostly-English-language mostly-novels and there's probably some pretty good stuff on it.

The 103 Novels with 4+ Votes from 12 "100 Best" Lists

The format is: Title (Date) - Author [number of lists title appears on]

For what it's worth, here's a comparison of the results of the two methodologies/source lists: Unified 100/Another Unified 103 lists.

Spreadsheet of the 537 Novels Appearing on Any of the Lists

View/download a .csv (comma-separated values) file of all the books on all the lists (with much additional data) that can be imported into a spreadsheet.

(I actually work with an unquoted and pipe-separated file since it's easier to apply *nix text processing tools to it (such as to generate the list above) but it's easy to convert the .csv into that or whatever format is wanted.)

Notes on the Spreadsheet

The data for all books receiving two or more votes is complete (allowing that I don't know and can't find word counts for everything). As far as single-vote books, some lists included dates and possibly other information and I filled in data for some items but, generally, they are incomplete.

Some items are listed in both solo and omnibus/series forms. These items are not merged as omnibus/series votes are not whole votes for a given work. This also accords with the principle of least editing. Some editorial work was unavoidable, however. The inconsistency of titles and author names from list to list was astonishing. I tried to remove all duplicates and make all attributions as correct as possible but I'm sure I failed and corrections on those or any other data or any sort of additional information or comments are welcomed (to get the corrections to me, replace the underscores with the usual suspects: jsun_freeshell_org).

What the fields of the csv/spreadsheet represent:

number of lists the work appears on
place to mark whether the work is owned
place to mark whether the work has been read
type of work (this is theoretically a list of novels but there are exceptions and I may eventually explicitly expand the list beyond novels):
collection/collection of connected stories
dramatic work (play)/specifically a tragedy/or comedy
novel or novella/omnibus of novels/series of novels
short verse work (lyric poetry)/long verse work (epic, etc.)
number of pages (usually taken from Wikipedia where available; otherwise usually goodreads or Internet Book List - ideally this would be the pagination of the first English edition but it's really just a vague guideline)
word count (not usually available - taken from Word Count for Famous Novels and Top 10 Longest Novels in the English Language)
language of original composition (as a code conforming to ISO 639-2 alpha-3)
nationality of author (often debatable in the case of multinationals - as a code conforming to ISO 3166-1 alpha-2)
date published
all parts of the author's name except the last word
the last space-separated element of the author's name (software and human patience limitations prevent the first name/last name split from being correct in several cases)
if the item appears on the relevant list, the abbreviated list names appear in these fields - they and the full names are:
All-TIME 100 Novels (time) (though I used this version of it because, hey, it includes the authors!)
Best 100 Novels (best100lists)
The Big Read Top 100 (bbc)
The 100 Greatest American Novels, 1893 - 1993 (bookriot)
From Zero to Well-Read in 100 Books (bookriot)
EW's The 100 Greatest Novels Ever (because the original presentation was so bad)
Goodreads Top 100 Literary Novels of All Time (despite the title, it only has 99 items)
The top 100 books of all time (theguardian)
The 100 Favorite Novels of Librarians
100 Best Novels (modernlibrary)
The Novel 100 (Burt) (though I probably used this version just because it was what I was originally linked to)
Radcliffe's Rival 100 Best Novels List