Webzine Readings and Recommendations



Links, concise info, and brief summaries/reviews regarding stories I found remarkable and which I hope others read and enjoy.

If you'd rather not bother with the summaries/reviews or want to see all the recommended stories of the year on one page, there's a bare list just like the honorable mentions list:

Recommendation List (last updated 2015-08-28)

Honorable Mentions

Links and concise info regarding stories I liked that others may find interesting, too.

Honorable Mention List (last updated 2015-08-28)

All Stories Seen

A CSV (actually, pipe-separated) spreadsheet of everything I've seen since beginning this project which includes the recommendations, honorable mentions, good stories just below those, and on down.

I don't intentionally look at excerpts, reprints, translations, "story" formats that aren't prose fiction, etc., though some may slip in.

CSV file

Notes on Format

The format for all these story listings (derived from the similar CSV file) is:

title * author * source * date published * words * genre * date read

For more on sources, see this list or this schedule of webzines. Words is whatever libreoffice says the word count is. Genre is based on my opinion where the possible values are 'sf' (science fiction), 'f' (fantasy), 'h' (horror), 'ah' (alternate history), 'a' (anything) if it's a fuzzy enough blend, and 'n' (nothing) if I don't see any significant unambiguous literal speculative elements. I've actually given up on trying to read zines devoted exclusively to horror or alternate history, so those don't appear much.


Total stories seen: 550
SF: 248
Fantasy: 201
Other: 101

Recommendations: 45 (8.18%)
SF: 26
Fantasy: 17
Other: 2

Honorable Mentions: 58 (10.55%)
SF: 36
Fantasy: 17
Other: 5

Other Webzine Reviews/Roundups/Recommendations

Criteria for inclusion: must be reasonably navigable and cover 2015 webzines in a fairly regular way (preferably monthly and current) with at least full-sentence reviews of at least a significant percentage of the stuff covered. If you know of others, let me know.